Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Price of P&P (pot & poker)

Some may think Poker is nothing more than gambling the same as shooting Dice or betting on Race Horses. The same applies for Pot, Marijuana, Weed, w/e you may blaze the risk sometimes out weigh the rewards. In some cases this may be true. For the guys and ladies who take in the HaZe as relief from the daily stress of life and Recreation the Risk isnt as extreme. Few rarely know or understand how much chance is actually taking for our product to reach the common eighth and quarter buyers! In order to Successfully profit from the retail sale of marijuana you must buy bulk as in any buisiness some may consider 3-4 ounces bulk.. But POUNDS my friend thats where the CASH begins to build itself !! Quick guide 1oz =100usd$ 4oz(quarterpound)=325 16oz(one pound)=1k-1200 in order to profit 500+ you need atleast 1pound
meaning atleast 5years jailtime depending on your State!! How does this connect with poker threw RISK Every poker player Must take Risk just like any other Pusher the diffrence is, The reward, In Poker there are calculated risk and they are WORTH the reward sometimes!!! You are risking less but winning much much more !!

Until next time ...keep on postiN and keep on pushiN

DaY 1

Welcome to the GRIND this is how i HuStlE everyday!!
We will go threw PilLow CaseS of PoT and Stacks of ChiPz
I Will Take You on the UpS and doWns of ur Daily PuSher
If you Get Focused you as well can Hit a Half Mill in A Year!!!!

So stay Locked!!! Aim High